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The lack of good roads in Indian cities is well known. The quality of roads exposes many government claims from time to time. Pothole free roads are still a dream come true. Potholed roads not only make our travel inconvenient but also dangerous, especially for two-wheelers.

RoadMetrics identifies potholes in real time

But a Bengaluru startup has created an application called RoadMetrics to identify and fix potholes. This application detects potholes and cracks on the roads in real time with the help of AI and helps people choose a better route. According to the available information, currently the services of RoadMetrics are available only for Bengaluru city.

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The idea of ​​creating RoadMetrics came from this shortcoming of Google Maps.

Google Maps has been present in India for many years, and it works quite well, but it is not yet fully adapted to Indian conditions. The need for a map tailored to Indian road conditions inspired computer science graduate Deepen Babaria to create RoadMetrics.

Deepen Babaria, along with his colleague Mishal Jariwala and industrial engineering expert Nikhil Prasad Maroli, created an application called RoadMetrics in 2019.

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RoadMetrics available in two variants

With the help of a smartphone, images and sensor data are transmitted to this application. The AI ​​algorithm then divides the pothole into four categories as crack, vertical, horizontal and alligator based on the available data. This application comes in two variants – mobile and enterprise.

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Apart from AI algorithms, the startup has also developed RoadMetrics maps that helps users find the fastest, most comfortable and least traffic roads. The goal of RoadMetrics is not only to identify potholes on the roads but also to fix them. Therefore the company has started working from B2C to B2B model.

First Published – January 2, 2024 | 4:29 PM IST

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