The Best car insurance in New Jersey with price in 2022

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Geico and NJM are among the best insurance companies in New Jersey, according to Bankrate’s extensive research. Additionally, State Farm, Progressive, and Allstate all provide competitively priced coverage. New Jersey drivers pay an average of $1,757 per year for full coverage car insurance according to a Bankrate study of average quotes for 2021.

The price may not be the only consideration for New Jersey drivers when shopping for auto insurance. In order to find the best auto insurance in New Jersey, you need to understand your needs, know how to analyze a car insurance company, and understand which types of coverage your state requires you to have. You may find Bankrate’s research helpful in this process.

Insurance companies in New Jersey that offer the best coverage

Best car insurance in New Jersey

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The research was conducted by Bankrate’s insurance editorial team to identify which companies hold the largest market share in the Garden State. Among the best auto insurance companies in New Jersey, according to our research, are Geico, NJM, State Farm, Progressive, and Allstate.

Our research began with information obtained from Quadrant Information Services. We studied each company’s average premium, discounts, financial strength, and customer satisfaction scores after looking at the coverage and discounts available.

 Three third-party rating services were consulted: J.D. Best, AM Best, and Standard & Poors. Each company was given a Bankrate Score based on this information. Companies are ranked out of 5.0, and the higher their ranking, the higher their scores in each category.

If you are looking for the best auto insurance in New Jersey, you might want to get a quote from the following companies:

Car insurance companyBankrate ScoreAverage annual full coverage premiumJ.D. Power customer satisfaction score (Mid-Atlantic region)
State Farm4.7$1,244851/1,000

State Farm

State Farm might be a good option if your primary concern is your budget. In fact, the average full coverage rate is over $500 cheaper than New Jersey’s average, making it the company with the lowest premium on our list. State Farm’s insurance is sold through a network of local agents, and there are many State Farm offices in New Jersey.

State Farm has an above-average J.D. Power rating for customer satisfaction, but the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has a higher than average complaint index score. Therefore, there are more complaints against State Farm at the NAIC than average.

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The full coverage rate for Geico is significantly lower than that for New Jersey. As well as discounts for federal employees, military members, safe drivers, and students, the company offers one of the longest lists in the industry. Also in the Service category, Geico is cited as the best insurance provider in the 2021 J.D.

The study looked at digital insurance experiences in the U.S. Among the features of the company’s digital app are access to ID cards, payments, and claims, as well as roadside assistance and payment options. Geico, however, offers fewer types of optional coverage than its competitors, which makes policy customization hard.

who has the cheapest car insurance in new jersey

NJM Insurance

New Jersey Manufacturers, which stands for New Jersey Manufacturers, sells auto insurance within Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. NJM not only earned the second-lowest average full coverage premium on our list, but also earned the top spot in the 2021 J.D.

The company is often praised for its customer service, which is why many of its clients are happy with NJM. If you prefer to manage your insurance online or through a mobile app, NJM may not be the best choice for you since its digital tools are not as robust as those provided by other companies.


Progressive may be a good choice for you if you are looking for a company that offers high levels of customization. There are many optional coverage options provided by the company, such as loan repayment, custom parts and equipment, rideshare coverage, and roadside assistance.

 As well as good student discounts, safe driver discounts, teen driver discounts, and homeowner discounts, the company offers several other discounts to help you lower your premium. In terms of customer satisfaction, Progressive’s score from J.D.

By Power is below the industry average, which means that Progressive is not your best bet if you are seeking a company with highly-rated service.


Allstate’s average full coverage cost may be the highest on our list, deterring those looking for cheap car insurance, but the cost is still lower than New Jersey’s average. Several endorsements are available, such as coverage for sound system equipment and roadside assistance to assist you in building a policy that suits your needs.

There are discounts available from the company, including the Drivewise telematics program, which could save you money while teaching you safer driving habits.

Insurers in New Jersey charge an average rate

cheapest car insurance in new jersey

Quadrant Information Services reported that the average price for full coverage car insurance in New Jersey in 2021 was $1,757 per year. For minimal coverage, the price is $847.

The average cost of auto insurance in New Jersey is higher than the national average, which is $1,674 per year for full coverage and $565 per year for minimum coverage, but not too high when compared to other states.

You should be aware that your rates will likely differ from the averages due to your unique rating factors.

Despite its small size, New Jersey has a lot of traffic on its roads. There might be a greater chance of getting into an accident on the road if there are more cars, which could lead to higher insurance rates.

Average annual premium for minimum coverage in New JerseyAverage annual premium for full coverage in New Jersey

Insurers in New Jersey charge an average rate

An example of the average premium for full coverage auto insurance for a 40-year-old driver with good credit and a clean driving record.

New Jersey auto insurance rates by city

New Jersey cityAverage annual premium for full coverageAverage annual premium for minimum coverage
Jersey City, New Jersey$2,304$1,109
Newark, New Jersey$2,624$1,254
Paterson, New Jersey$2,565$1,259

The best way to find New Jersey car insurance

car insurance companies in new jersey

As a predominantly urban state, New Jersey has a high population density and more traffic on the roads. The higher-than-average premiums for auto insurance reflect the higher likelihood of car accidents. The following steps can help you find coverage that meets your needs and fits your budget.

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Examine the minimum requirements for insurance in New Jersey

The car insurance requirements in New Jersey are unique. In order to meet minimum requirements, the state offers two options: a basic policy and a standard policy. Property damage liability coverage is included in the basic policy, but personal injury protection (PIP) and bodily injury liability coverage can be purchased separately.

The coverage types you can add to a basic policy may be limited. In addition to bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury protection, standard policies include a wider variety of optional endorsements.

You may need to purchase more than just the minimum amount of car insurance coverage in New Jersey if you don’t understand the state’s requirements.

Lender requirements should be considered

Those with loans or leases may need to consider additional car insurance requirements. Lenders often require minimum coverage for vehicle damage, which is not provided by minimum insurance.

When comprehensive and collision coverage is added to full coverage insurance, vehicle damage is covered as well.

A lender might also have stipulations regarding the amount of liability coverage you must purchase as well as the deductibles for comprehensive and collision coverage. If you own the vehicle outright or are leasing it, gap insurance could also be helpful.

 In the event that your vehicle is totaled, this option helps you pay the difference between the loan balance and the car’s cash value.

Consider what you need on an individual basis

car insurance in new jersey

Each individual has different needs when it comes to car insurance. Low credit scores may require you to seek out companies that value credit less than others. If you have an accident record or tickets, or if you have a teenage driver to insure, your record may be problematic.

Consider a company that offers these types of services if you want an easy-to-use digital app or customer portal. Identifying the right company for you will depend on what you need.

New Jersey car insurance discounts

Customers can save money on their insurance premiums in New Jersey by taking advantage of auto insurance discounts. Here are just a few discounts available in New Jersey:

Under 25-year-old students and full-time students or full-time students enrolled on your policy may qualify for discounts such as good student discounts, driver training discounts, and distant student discounts.

Telematics programs offer discounts to drivers who develop safe driving skills and have their driving habits tracked by a mobile app or plug-in device. Additionally, some companies offer discounts if you maintain a clean driving record for a specified period.

Another common discount: Multi-policy discounts can be a great way to save. You may be able to save money on both policies if you insure your auto with the same company as your home, condo, or renters insurance policy. You may also receive discounts if you choose paperless bills, pay your premium in full, or enroll in automatic payments.

There can be different discounts offered by different providers, which is why it can be useful to shop around to see what savings you can access. It is possible to save a significant amount of money even if you receive an expensive quote from a certain provider.


How much does car insurance cost in New Jersey?

Based on our research, NJM, Geico, and Travelers offer some of the lowest car insurance rates in New Jersey. There are however different rates offered by different insurance companies, and each rating algorithm is different.

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 In addition, every driver has their own set of circumstances when searching for car insurance. Comparing quotes from different companies can be useful in this regard. Rating factors are weighed differently by each company.

What is the no-fault law in New Jersey?

There is no fault system in New Jersey. Regardless of who is at fault for the accident, your personal injury protection coverage will help pay for any injuries you and any passengers sustain. Depending on what kind of coverage you choose, your ability to sue a driver for your injuries might also be restricted.

In New Jersey, am I required to purchase car insurance?

Certainly. To drive legally in New Jersey, one must obtain the state’s minimum levels and types of auto insurance coverage. To satisfy the requirements in New Jersey, you can choose either a basic policy or a standard policy depending on your needs.

You can be fined and have your license suspended in New Jersey if you drive without car insurance. If you are at fault for an accident and do not have insurance coverage, you will be responsible for paying out of your own pocket for any damages you cause.

Is it possible to reduce my car insurance costs?

A great way to reduce your car insurance premium is to take advantage of discounts. You can also avoid premium increases by keeping a clean driving record and avoiding tickets, accidents, and DUIs. You might be able to lower your premiums with a telematics program if you are a safe driver or drive infrequently. Getting quotes from several insurance companies is one of the best ways to find a policy at a more competitive price.

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The Best car insurance in New Jersey with price in 2022 9


We analyzed 2021 rates using Quadrant Information Services for each ZIP code and carrier in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Quoted rates were based on a 40-year-old male and female driver with a clean driving record, excellent credit, and the following coverage limits:

  • Each person is liable for $100,000 in bodily injury
  • Per accident, $300,000 in bodily injury liability
  • Liability for property damage of $50,000 per accident
  • A bodily injury claim for an uninsured motorist is worth $100,000
  • Per accident, uninsured motorists cause $300,000 in bodily injury
  • Deductible of $500 for collisions
  • Deductible for comprehensive insurance of $500

We used minimum coverage limits that meet each state’s requirements to determine minimum coverage limits. Based on our base profile, our drivers commute five days a week, drive 12,000 miles a year, and own a 2019 Toyota Camry.

It is only appropriate to use these sample rates as a comparison.

Scores at Bankrate

In addition to an analysis of quoted annual premiums from Quadrant Information Services, spanning all 50 states and Washington, D.C., our Bankrate Scores evaluate a company’s financial strength and customer experience, as well as its history of positive customer service.

When determining if the best car insurance companies met these priorities, third-party agency ratings from J.D. Power, AM Best, S&P, NAIC, and Moody’s accounted for the most weight on the companies’ Bankrate Scores.

We analyzed quoted premiums based on 40-year-old male and female drivers with a 2019 Toyota Camry, as the price is a common consideration for drivers. As a result of assessing more than 35,000 ZIP codes across the U.S., drivers can compare each company’s profile.

Bankrate also examined each insurer’s online and mobile resources for policy management and claims handling. Coverage options, insurer availability, affordability, and customer experience are often the top priorities.

In line with our rapidly changing digital world, insurance is rapidly evolving, so these aspects are also considered when determining Bankrate Scores.

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