Garena Free Fire Headshot Hack 2021: List of Best Shotguns in the Game

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Garena Free Fire Headshot Hack, Free Fire Hack, Free Fire Headshot Hack

Everybody wants to get better at their favorite game each and every game. Players always can get better by putting in the effort in terms of gameplay, character selection, and in-game decision-making. Sometimes players often resort to using hacks to improve their gameplay which is actually against the ethics of the game and is a Bannable offense. In this post, we will see how to hack headshots in Free Fire by using the Free Fire Headshot hack app or APK and the best gun for a headshot.

What are Headshots in Free Fire?

Headshots as the name suggest are direct hits by players to an enemy on the head in any shooter games. each game rewards players with extra points when he/she shoots a headshot. Headshots are one of the most rewarding and satisfying traits in any shooter game and can easily decide who wins in a 1 vs 1 duel.

How to Hack Free Fire Headshot?

There are many Headshot APK available in the market like Headshot Hack, Cheat Headshot APK, Cheat head Aimbot APK, and VXP Mod Free Fire. Headshot Hack is an unofficial popular android application that actually connects all your weapon shots to the enemy’s head without any effort.

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This is a malicious and bannable offence but if you still want to dominate the game against ethics you can go ahead and download this free fire headshot hacker app.


How to Download the Headshot Hack Free Fire APK?

  • Download the Headshot Hack Apk app from any android APK websites or click here
  • After downloading click on the install button and run the application
  • The application will ask for your Garena ID details and password login to the application.
  • This Login will Link both the Hack application and your Garena account
  • Launch the game on Your Main Free Fire account along with the hack application running in the background.
  • The game will Implement the headshot hack automatically.
  • To run this application your android mobile should have been modded first.

All the other Free Fire headshot hack app specified above also can be installed using the same way.

(Warning: The developers nor the author at SportingFree is responsible if you lose any data on your Garena account. You can try this on your alternative accounts first before trying it on your main account. Garena bans or suspends an account that indulges in malicious activities. so please Indulge in these activities at your own risk. )

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What is a Shotgun?

A shotgun is a pellet based gun that is quite effective in short to medium ranges. Shotguns have been in video games since the start of the 1980s. The shotguns got quite popular during the quake and doom days. even today shotguns have been inducted in various games like Fortnite, Apex Legends and Call of Duty.

Combats in Free Fire has been a combination of both close range and long-range flights. While long-range fights have been dominated by AR and snipers but Shotguns have been quite effective in the short and medium range.

List of Best Guns for Headshot in Free Fire?

Free Fire unlike other battle royale games has a long and interesting list of guns in the arsenal. Shotguns are one of the most effective guns in close range and have been quite neglected by players.

At the current moment, there are three shotguns in Free Fire that are best for a headshot and quite distinctive from each other. The following are the list of best shotguns for a headshot in Free Fire.

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This shotgun is a weapon that rewards players for their consistent aim. It is a single bullet gun that deals heavy damage to enemies at extremely close range But if you miss your shot you could be punished too. This gun also has a very huge magazine size and has some great skins in the game.

Rate of Fire42
Range 16
Reload Speed34
Armor Penetration 0
Movement Speed 60


This is one of the easiest shotguns to use in Free Fire. This gun is one of the commonly used shotguns from both Pro players to casual newbies.

This is also similar to the previous shotguns we saw which rewards players for their consistent aim and are extremely fatal at close range. The main problem with this shotgun is its very low reloading speed which can cause trouble while taking a 1 vs 1.

Rate of Fire38
Range 10
Reload Speed20
Armor Penetration 0
Movement Speed 60


This is a type of double-barrel shotgun found in most games. It shoots a pair of bullets very quickly causing huge damage in short range.

The gun has a faster reload speed and armour penetration when compared with the other two shotguns. The main problem with this gun is its magazine capacity which is capped at 2 being a double-barrel shotgun.

Rate of Fire42
Range 21
Reload Speed76
Armor Penetration54
Movement Speed 62