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The premium is the cost of the car insurance quote. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI) sets the premium for a third-party plan, which varies based on the engine capacity.

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In the meantime, the premiums for standalone own-damage and comprehensive car insurance plans will differ based on factors such as the extent of cover, the make, model, and variant of the car, the type of fuel the car uses, and the location of the RTO.

Car/Vehicle Insurance Quotes: What Are the Factors Affecting Them?

Car Insurance Quotes Online

The cost of car insurance is affected by a number of factors. These include:

1. The type of plan

Premiums vary based on the coverage chosen. Broader coverage means higher premiums. As a result of the coverage they provide, car insurance can be divided into three basic types:

Generally, third-party insurance is compulsory and covers liability for bodily injury, death, and property damage to third parties.

A stand-alone own-damage policy covers vehicle damage caused by a mishap but is not mandatory.

The most convenient option of the three is Comprehensive Car Insurance, which provides coverage for third-party liability as well as own-damage costs in one premium.

2. Vehicle Make, Model, and Year

Car insurance premium quotes are primarily influenced by the MMV – make, model, and variant – of your car.

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3. How you fuel your car.

An insurance policy’s car insurance premium quote is also affected by the type of fuel used in the car. Diesel cars are charged different premiums and petrol cars are quoted different premiums.

4. The profession of the policyholder

A company’s premiums are adjusted based on the correlation between a policyholder’s risk of accident and their profession. The premium charged to me is generally higher for those in professions such as cab drivers or delivery agents.

5. Financial Condition of the Policyholders.

Credit scores are considered by many insurance companies when determining car insurance premiums.

6. Vehicle Size

Cars with larger engines are considered safer in accidents than those with smaller engines. As a result, insurance companies often charge smaller cars relatively lower premiums than larger ones.

7. Safety rating of the car

Due to increased safety and lower chances of meeting an accident, having a car with a high safety rating can help you obtain car insurance at a relatively lower premium.

8. The driving history of the policyholder

Insurance companies charge a relatively higher premium to individuals with a history of accidents or previous vehicle insurance claims.

Why Choose InsuranceDekho for Best Car Insurance Quotes?

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The steps for using the car/vehicle insurance quotes calculator are as follows:

The first step is to visit InsuranceDekho

Choose the car tab and enter your registration number. In the event that you do not know the car number, please click on “Don’t know the car number?” and select the brand, model, feel type, variant, registration year, and registration city to continue.

Enter your name and phone number to proceed to the next step

Click “Get Quotes” at the bottom of the page. A custom quote will appear for you.

What are the best ways to compare car insurance quotes online?

Compare different auto insurance policies to find one that is most suitable for your needs by using the following tips:

Ensure you know what you need: Knowing the basics of car insurance, as well as its terminology, will help you make an informed decision. For this purpose, InsuranceDekho has written a number of articles. You can find them here. Having a basic understanding of car insurance will help you determine exactly what you need.

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Choosing the right insurance provider requires you to look for a few factors that can help you determine the provider’s reputation. There are several factors to consider, including the ratio of insurance settlements, reviews of customer service, and ease of processing claims.

It is common for us to make claims during times of stress, and a non-efficient claim process can add to your frustrations.

It is very important to carefully read the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. You should read the policy carefully because many things can go unmentioned there that can make it a bad deal.

Comparison-shopping for auto insurance can lead one to just opt for the cheapest policy. It is important to keep in mind that low premiums also mean low coverage or high deductibles, and this can prove more costly in the long run. Effective and affordable policies go hand-in-hand.

On InsuranceDekho, how can I compare car insurance quotes?

Comparing different car insurance policies online is easy if you follow these steps:

Start by visiting InsuranceDekho’s website.

Step 2: Enter your car registration number in the ‘Get Your Quote’ section and click the ‘Get Quote’ button. It is possible to provide other information about the car, such as its make, model and year of registration, if you do not know your registration number.

Providing your personal details, such as your name and mobile number, is the next step.

The screen will display all the quotes for the category you selected. You can compare and choose the most appropriate quote. You can purchase add-on covers when you purchase comprehensive or own-damage insurance.

After selecting the policy that is best suited to your needs, you can make the payment for the policy, and the policy document will be sent to the email address you registered with.

How does online car insurance comparison benefit you?

Nowadays, shopping online is more convenient, simple, and effective as it is quick, easy, and convenient. Among the benefits of shopping online for car insurance are:

Obtain Better Insurance: Most policies come with some value-added coverages that increase the scope of the protection it offers, such as free towing and other inbuilt benefits. Using platforms such as Insurancedekho, it is possible to compare the policies offered by different car insurance companies and their network of cashless garages in a matter of minutes.

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By purchasing your insurance from a reputable company, like ours, you can ensure that the process will be safe and you will not be scammed.

By comparing the insurance policies, you can ensure that the policy you choose is from a reputable and trusted insurance company, helping you get a safer experience with your car insurance.

Convenient Insurance Experience: You can now purchase insurance online, and it is very simple. Furthermore, it is also easy to replace your document in case you lose it.

There are a variety of car insurance plans offered by different companies, so you can save money on your premiums. By comparing policies, you can find policy discounts and low prices offered by some insurance companies. In order to find the best car insurance deal, you should compare policies.

Claims Settlement: A comparison of car insurance also assists you in settling claims. When comparing insurance companies, you can select the insurance company that has a wide range of garages in its network and a high claim settlement ratio, which ultimately confirms an easy and quick claim settlement process.

Is buying insurance online a good idea? What are the pros and cons?

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Buying a car insurance policy has the following benefits:

Various plans are available and you can choose the best one for your needs and budget.

Under one single platform, InsuranceDekho, you can compare prices, coverage, benefits, and features offered by different insurance plans.

It is convenient and cost-effective to buy insurance policies online because less paperwork is required.

By purchasing a policy online, the policyholder is able to take care of matters such as policy renewal, paying premiums, keeping track of investments, etc.


Online car insurance plans have the following cons:

Buying car insurance online has a few shortcomings, and one of them is the lack of customization. Additionally, you cannot negotiate the rates of different plans online.

In the case of online scams, one should be wary of the information provided on the website of the insurance company from which the policy was purchased regarding your personal and financial information.


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