Ankit Mishra, The All-Rounder From Raipur

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Ankit Mishra Raipur: It’s a dream of almost every Indian parent to see their kid work as a Government official. Many can achieve it while others change their path. It’s not an easy task to get your hands on the very few high authority jobs available in the market. After years of hard work and determination, he has achieved the most difficult and prestigious job as a government official.

Ankit Mishra, The All-Rounder
Ankit Mishra, The All-Rounder Raipur

Ankit Mishra is one such man who has achieved all of it. He is a 27-year-old high authority employee who aspires to achieve more. His desire is not only to spend his life serving the government. He wants to fulfill his other wishes.

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He enjoys fashion and modeling. Apart from government duties, he is so much into modeling and becoming a fashion influencer. He wants to circle the globe promoting scenic destinations with famous fashion brands. He wants to inspire youngsters to live their dreams along with their parent’s expectations.

Ankit Mishra, The All-Rounder
Ankit Mishra, The All-Rounder

He has secured his future by getting a high authority job and now is towards the path of his passion. It’s rare to find people who run behind their dream after securing their future.

He is an inspiration to the present and upcoming generation.

Biography of All Rounder Ankit Mishra

Full NameAnkit Mishra
Place of BirthRaipur
Age27 Years
Instagram ID@i_m_ankit_
Full Details Abou Ankit Mishra from Raipur

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