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Last year, Ajay (name changed), an employee of troubled edtech giant Byju’s, had bought a house in Mumbai for more than Rs 1 crore to gift his parents. He took a loan of about Rs 75 lakh on EMI from the bank. However, a few months after this deal, Byju’s gave him a notice to remove him from the job. Last year he had to sell his property at a low price and move to his previous residence in the chawl.

Ajay said, ‘It was a middle-class boy’s dream to gift a house to his parents and move them out of the chawls of Mumbai.’ He was also forced to wander here and there to get provident fund, gratuity and full compensation. He has still not been able to receive the money from the company. Ajay alleged, ‘When I called the human resources department, they abused me.’

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Ajay is among 2,000 disgruntled former Byju’s employees who have joined hands to fight for their rights. Many of those employees, based in different parts of the country including New Delhi, are planning to take their former employer to the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) in Bengaluru next week for payment of their dues.

Byju’s former teacher Bharat (name changed) said, ‘We have already appointed a lawyer to fight our case in the NCLT and the total claim amount is more than Rs 1 crore, which is the required limit to file a case. Is.’ He said many of them are afraid to participate in the legal battle with Byju’s as they fear it will have a negative impact on their careers.

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First Published – May 23, 2024 | 10:20 PM IST

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