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Indian Space Sector Startups: Continuous changes are being seen in the space sector in India. On one hand, while Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Modi) discussed the development of the space sector and counted the success of Mission Mangalyaan while proposing thanks on the President’s address during the budget session in the Rajya Sabha, on the other hand, today i.e. on February 8, the Central Independent The Minister of State gave a written statement regarding this in the Rajya Sabha itself.

Jitendra Singh said that the Modi government has taken many steps to strengthen the startups related to the space sector. He said that the Central Government is also providing financial assistance to startups for launch vehicle and manufacturing.

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The Union Minister said that at present the number of registered startups on digital platforms in India has reached around 189.

Under which rule is the space sector getting encouragement?

He said that the Indian Space Policy 2023 has been issued by the Government of India, where the roles and responsibilities of all the stakeholders participating in the overall Indian space ecosystem have been explained.

What is IN-SPACe?

Jitendra Singh in his written statement said that several schemes have been announced and implemented by IN-SPACe to encourage and support the private sector. Let us tell you that IN-SPACe is an independent nodal agency, which monitors private firms working in the space sector.

The agency acts as an interface between ISRO and non-governmental organizations (NGEs) and assesses how to better utilize India’s space resources and expand space-based activities. It also assesses the needs and demands of private firms, including educational and research institutions, and provides facilities to them in consultation with ISRO.

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What are the schemes for private sector startups?

The Union Minister said that many initiatives and schemes are being run by the government to strengthen the space sector. These include Seed Fund Scheme, pricing support policy, mentorship support, lab designing for NGE, skill development, support from the government to use ISRO facilities, technology transfer to NGE. Apart from this, the government keeps meeting from time to time with national and international industries to promote business opportunities.

Jitendra Singh said that under the government’s strategy Make in India, the aim is to increase innovation, manufacturing and self-reliance in the country.

India’s first private launch pad ready for flight

It is noteworthy that recently Chennai-based space startup company Agnikul Cosmos has announced that it is preparing to launch a satellite from India’s first private launch pad soon. The launch vehicle ‘Agnibaan’ will be launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota during this financial year itself. ‘Agnibaan’ is a two-stage launch vehicle. It has the capability to carry a payload of up to 100 kg to the low earth orbit to a distance of about 700 km.

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The second major feature of the vehicle to be launched by Agnikul will be that it will be the world’s first single piece 3D printed engine, which has been completely manufactured in India. The vehicle is equipped with a plug and play engine which has been designed according to the needs of this mission.

First Published – February 8, 2024 | 4:29 PM IST

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